The Mermaid Group Psychometric Test Scam

So you’ve been shortlisted for an interview, Ann Powell has been in touch and you’ve got all the details of your dream cruise ship job. If this goes well, you’ll be jetting off in about six weeks to join the ship and spend the following six months of your life at sea. 

Now all you have to do is pass the Psychometric Test you’ve been sent. You HAVE to pass it because the Mermaid Group told you the top scoring applicants WILL get an interview.

That ‘E Book’, which you spent HALF of your job seekers allowance on, is really going to be worth it!!! You’ll definitely pass the test with it, right? Ann Powell said so. WRONG.

We’ve done some research….

The Mermaid Group Psychometric Test is done by the ‘The Outsourced Test Centre’ on behalf of The Mermaid Group:

The website leaves a lot to be desired and we very much doubt it’s going to win ‘website of the year’ in 2014.

If you look at the bottom, you’ll see a copyright: © Copyright Outsourced Test Centre UK 2005 – 2012

To register a brand copyright in the UK, you need to be a registered company. The Outsourced Test Centre is NOT a registered company. You can check for yourself on the Companies House website:

This website is sadly another scam website, created by the Mermaid Group for profit. DO NOT take the test, expect any results or pay for their services. It’s an UTTER shambles – we really hope no one else experiences the waste of time, money and energy on these scam artists.

We’ve also seen some comments where people have paid the Mermaid Group for this test! Please share this info and tell us your experiences at