Mermaid Group Recruitment forums and comments – just another scam

We’ve sent a couple of fake CVs to the Mermaid Group and had very similar responses to all of them, no matter what the experience of each applicant. We’ve also searched the internet and found a host of comments of people experiencing the EXACT same problem – they’ve paid good money and not got the interview they were shortlisted for. Some people were never contacted again.

Forums are a funny place because anyone can comment. We’ve found the odd comment about The Mermaid Group which tries to portray the company as official. Some of these users even say they had an interview with the Mermaid Group which would make you think the company is legitimate and authentic.

These positive comments came from accounts which have been deactivated and historically ONLY asked or responded to questions about cruise ship jobs. Funny that.

Here ‘s an example: The users range from the rather authentic ‘paula’ or the simple ‘?’.

We’ve come to the conclusion Mermaid Group used to respond or post comments a few years ago saying they had been successfully employed. By doing this, the answers appear in Goole searches. So, when you question Google on the legitimacy of Mermaid Group, the answer appears and you think there is a possibility of an interview and part with your hard earned cash. Mermaid Group 1, you 0.

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Who DO Mermaid Group recruit for?!

If you look at the bottom of the Mermaid Group website, there’s a host of logos, all portraying partnerships with the best cruise lines – the client you’ll end up working for.

Once the excitement of getting shortlisted has died down, you’ll probably wonder which ‘client’ you’ll get to be employed by. Maybe it will be Thomson Cruises – their logo is there! RIGHT THERE, down on the bottom right!

We emailed Thomson directly and simply asked: “I would like to know if Mermaid Group is an official recruiter for Thomson Cruises?”

They replied.

“Thomson Cruises does not recruit directly through Mermaid; it uses agencies. 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will look into the use of the Thomson Cruises logo.”

Oh no. Ann Powell did not tell you that, did she?

Mermaid Group UK – a non-company

So who is The Mermaid Group? And who exactly is this Ann Powell? She’s very popular in Google searches. I bet she’s the most popular recruiter of the seas.

From the Mermaid Group website: “Established in early 2008, The Mermaid Group has many years combined experience in both the cruise and recruitment industry”.

OK, so far so good. Sounds official.

Do a bit more searching on Google and ‘Mermaid Group’ appears on many, many forums where users have asked if the company is a scam or not. Lots of those people have paid for this wonderful eBook in the hope of an interview and some have paid for a psychometric test. NONE of them got a job. The plot thickens….

We searched for Ann Powell – she’s on Linked In. She must be real. But wait… only three connections and no previous experience? FISHY. Worst off all, you can ‘contact Ann’ for ‘getting back in touch’. Damn right, she never got back to me.

You can see Ann Powell’s Linked In profile for yourself – maybe you can become her 4th connection.

OK, enough of Ann. Who else is involved? Further research found an article on ‘Cruise Ships Jobs’ – they look official right? Here’s a bit about Mermaid Group:

“We have found that generally candidates who do download our book are more committed and not just jobseekers trying their luck which probably makes up 70% of applicants. This is the main reason for the book. To show commitment”, Jamie Brune, the proprietor of The Mermaid Group explained. Jamie also commented that: “We only get tests sent to shortlisted applicants. We do not charge for the test.”

So who is this Jamie? Maybe we can find him on Linked In too? ZERO connections and no previous experience. By now, it’s becoming rather clear you’re NEVER seeing that £20 eBook refund, ever. Wanna link with Jamie, he’s the proprietor!

OK. So now it’s quite obvious Mermaid Group are not quite right. You’re bubble has burst, your dreams dashed and your money gone – sad really.

To make sure we’re not going crazy, let’s have a quick check on the company. They are ‘established’ and have been around since 2008. We should trust them? WRONG. They don’t exist on the Company House website. You can check for yourself:

The Mermaid Group Cruise Job Scam

So you’re excited about your first ever cruise line job. You searched the internet, brushed up your CV and taken the time to apply for your dream job with a cruise company. Great.

Next, you get an email from The Mermaid Group saying you’ve been short-listed for an interview. HOORAY. Excellent – it’s exactly what you’ve wanted, a cruise ship job, and now they want to interview YOU. YES YOU.

You’re one step closer to your dream. The email from Ann Powell includes all of the amazing things you’ll get with a cruise line job – time off, travel, your own cabin. It really is amazing.

BUT WAIT. You need to buy a £25 eBook to make sure you pass a test? Really? You’ve never had to do that before.

But this is your dream and Ann Powell sounds like she’s got your back, so you buy it.


That’s what happened when we sent a fake CV to The Mermaid Group after hearing about passionate wannbe cruise staff being scammed and having their dreams crushed by Ann Powell and Mermaid Group recruitment. Sound familiar? Let us know on Twitter @MermaidGroupUK