Mermaid Group Recruitment forums and comments – just another scam

We’ve sent a couple of fake CVs to the Mermaid Group and had very similar responses to all of them, no matter what the experience of each applicant. We’ve also searched the internet and found a host of comments of people experiencing the EXACT same problem – they’ve paid good money and not got the interview they were shortlisted for. Some people were never contacted again.

Forums are a funny place because anyone can comment. We’ve found the odd comment about The Mermaid Group which tries to portray the company as official. Some of these users even say they had an interview with the Mermaid Group which would make you think the company is legitimate and authentic.

These positive comments came from accounts which have been deactivated and historically ONLY asked or responded to questions about cruise ship jobs. Funny that.

Here ‘s an example: The users range from the rather authentic ‘paula’ or the simple ‘?’.

We’ve come to the conclusion Mermaid Group used to respond or post comments a few years ago saying they had been successfully employed. By doing this, the answers appear in Goole searches. So, when you question Google on the legitimacy of Mermaid Group, the answer appears and you think there is a possibility of an interview and part with your hard earned cash. Mermaid Group 1, you 0.

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