The Mermaid Group Cruise Job Scam

So you’re excited about your first ever cruise line job. You searched the internet, brushed up your CV and taken the time to apply for your dream job with a cruise company. Great.

Next, you get an email from The Mermaid Group saying you’ve been short-listed for an interview. HOORAY. Excellent – it’s exactly what you’ve wanted, a cruise ship job, and now they want to interview YOU. YES YOU.

You’re one step closer to your dream. The email from Ann Powell includes all of the amazing things you’ll get with a cruise line job – time off, travel, your own cabin. It really is amazing.

BUT WAIT. You need to buy a £25 eBook to make sure you pass a test? Really? You’ve never had to do that before.

But this is your dream and Ann Powell sounds like she’s got your back, so you buy it.


That’s what happened when we sent a fake CV to The Mermaid Group after hearing about passionate wannbe cruise staff being scammed and having their dreams crushed by Ann Powell and Mermaid Group recruitment. Sound familiar? Let us know on Twitter @MermaidGroupUK


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