Mermaid Group UK – a non-company

So who is The Mermaid Group? And who exactly is this Ann Powell? She’s very popular in Google searches. I bet she’s the most popular recruiter of the seas.

From the Mermaid Group website: “Established in early 2008, The Mermaid Group has many years combined experience in both the cruise and recruitment industry”.

OK, so far so good. Sounds official.

Do a bit more searching on Google and ‘Mermaid Group’ appears on many, many forums where users have asked if the company is a scam or not. Lots of those people have paid for this wonderful eBook in the hope of an interview and some have paid for a psychometric test. NONE of them got a job. The plot thickens….

We searched for Ann Powell – she’s on Linked In. She must be real. But wait… only three connections and no previous experience? FISHY. Worst off all, you can ‘contact Ann’ for ‘getting back in touch’. Damn right, she never got back to me.

You can see Ann Powell’s Linked In profile for yourself – maybe you can become her 4th connection.

OK, enough of Ann. Who else is involved? Further research found an article on ‘Cruise Ships Jobs’ – they look official right? Here’s a bit about Mermaid Group:

“We have found that generally candidates who do download our book are more committed and not just jobseekers trying their luck which probably makes up 70% of applicants. This is the main reason for the book. To show commitment”, Jamie Brune, the proprietor of The Mermaid Group explained. Jamie also commented that: “We only get tests sent to shortlisted applicants. We do not charge for the test.”

So who is this Jamie? Maybe we can find him on Linked In too? ZERO connections and no previous experience. By now, it’s becoming rather clear you’re NEVER seeing that £20 eBook refund, ever. Wanna link with Jamie, he’s the proprietor!

OK. So now it’s quite obvious Mermaid Group are not quite right. You’re bubble has burst, your dreams dashed and your money gone – sad really.

To make sure we’re not going crazy, let’s have a quick check on the company. They are ‘established’ and have been around since 2008. We should trust them? WRONG. They don’t exist on the Company House website. You can check for yourself:


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